Chime - Research, UX, Android UI



Our team of 7 designed an Android interface for Chime's mobile app, and introduced new features to help the company move towards their long term goal. We considered business goals, resource constraints, and user needs before every decision. 


Chime is a startup, bank, and mobile app that's making banking friendlier and more transparent. Eventually, they want to build users’ wealth by helping them save and by improving their budgeting habits. The company is building a beta version to work towards that goal, and we assisted them in its design.

Timeline and role:

On a team of 7, I organized and conducted the initial phase of research. We spent 4 weeks on the project. 

Initially, we thought this project would be a straightforward usability fix. However, as we progressed, we uncovered the real challenge: to design a more trustworthy and informative financial interface that brings the business closer to its vision.

Identifying the real problem - trust, clarity, and informativeness

At the start, we interviewed Chime's target users and ran a few usability tests on their beta version. That's where we found out that trust and clarity of financial information were crucial to making a successful product. Informativeness was a trait that would bring Chime closer to their long term goal. Below are more detailed results. 

init findings.png

Afterwards, we refined our personas to create predictive personas. All of our design decisions afterwards were guided by our new understanding of Chime's most likely users. 

Daniela, our smart-techie persona

Daniela, our smart-techie persona

Chris, our Fresh College Graduate persona

Chris, our Fresh College Graduate persona

Georgia, our predictive persona post-research

Georgia, our predictive persona post-research

Kevin, our other predictive persona post-research

Kevin, our other predictive persona post-research


How we designed for trust and clarity

The account overview section is the first thing users look at to see if they're "doing ok." We redesigned this section to improve clarity, and attempt to better integrate Chime's new "connected accounts" feature. 


How we made Chime more informative

Like I mentioned, Chime wants to be a bank and a personal finance assistant (aka informative/helpful). It was important to begin introducing features to start this transition, so we designed a savings outlook graph to accomplish that. 

savings outlook.png

While there were many other visualizations we could have pursued, this savings outlook was the most feasible with our client's resource and time constraints. Simultaneously, our design let users gauge where they are financially, and to know what to expect. This was the first step towards establishing Chime as an assisting financial tool. 

These are only 2 of the features we redesigned and tested on. There were many more that we worked on to achieve a fine balance between business realities, user needs, and resource constraints, for example:

  • Congratulatory banner for reaching saving benchmark
  • Rewording the copy to fit Chime's brand, but also be easily understandable 

Currently, Chime is building out the Android home screen we designed. Our research provided new insight about their target users that will help shape the direction of their product. 


Final prototype - play!