Launching and designing Stache


As the sole product designer at Stache, I'm responsible for the design of the web and mobile platforms. I also contribute as a front-end developer. After releasing v1 of our platforms, we're shifting into rapid feedback/release cycles. Stay tuned!


What's Stache?

Stache is a storage space marketplace (think Airbnb but for storage). Instead of renting out a storage unit, people can spend less by storing in a neighbor's spare bedroom. On the flip side, anyone with space can make money by letting a few boxes live there for a while.


The road to v1

🖥   Development
🖌  Design

Using patterns from similar platforms, and the insights from our killer high-touch bizdev/market research team, the design sprint (lofi and hifi) concluded in 1.5 months.

Everyone chipped in at design meetings, ensuring that the designs met biz+engineering+marketing needs.

Development happened alongside design. I used a sitemap to keep track of design and development's progress. Working closely with (read: sitting right next to) our developers helped me prioritize which problems to tackle first.

When designs were completed, I switched to front-end development and acted as a PM to our external web dev team.

Setting foundations: Jan 2017 to Mid-Feb 2017.

For 1.5 months we worked on designing the foundation of our web and iOS apps. Using a sitemap, we kept track of our progress and debated design decisions.


A look inside one of our features

Coming soon!